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Children Praying for Children

World Weekend of Prayer 2023

Will bring hundreds thousands of adults and children worldwide.

The World Weekend of Prayer campaign (WWP2023) will take place on the first weekend of June from 03 -04 June 2023.

Powered by Viva, we want to inspire lasting change in children’s lives through the power of collective action in Latin America and Caribbean communities networks. Viva provides the prayer guide, resources, and ideas for activities to develop, among others.

In 2022, over 800,000 children and adults in 25 countries participated in the World Weekend of Prayer and more than 2 Million people were reached with our materials.

We are looking forward with eager anticipation to June 2023 for even more children to praise God for His creation and to pray that we might work together to overcome the challenges we face: Jesus replied, “What is impossible for people is possible with God.” (Luke 18: 27, NLT)”  – Phil Green – CEO Viva Worldwide

You will receive this WWP 2023:

Materials of activities in your church, Social media arts, devotional plan before the weekend of prayer, the official song of 2023, and more…

— 01

Manual of activities for Children

You will receive a manual where you can carry out activities within your classrooms with the children focused on the weekend of prayer.

— 02

Songs and Lyrics (English & Spanish)

This year we will send a new theme song in two languages ​​English and Spanish, you will also receive the instrumental version, lyrics and chords.

— 03

One month of devotionals

You will receive a devotional plan for your participating groups, focused so that the children have a moment a day of 10 to 15 minutes.

World Weekend of Prayer for Latin America this 2023

God´s Home: Our World

Thirteen countries in Latin America, including Brazil for the second time (Portuguese-speaking), will join us in praying for the children. This year we will also be reaching more than 20,000 associated churches that will have access to the materials of our world weekend of prayer, which means that more than 1 million people will be able to access it, and of which we will have around 200,000 people participating, actively in this tremendous collaborative movement for children. This is thanks to our collective work of NGOs and local churches, regardless of denomination and/or religion, only in Latin America and the Caribbean.
For the second consecutive year, we will exchange prayers between children from different countries, so child participation is one of our pillars this year.

Moments Last Year

Various Countries around Latin America

Our activities started one month before of the celebration the first weekend of june 2022

Elin Miranda

Global Campaigns For LAC

I am excited to see that every year more children and adolescents are involved in the World Weekend of Prayer in this world where social networks and aggressive content are bombarding our young generation, and in this FSMO movement, children and adolescents are the protagonists; how? Praying for each other, their family needs, and this year for our planet, raising awareness that God was the creator of everything, and we must respect him. Join over 800,000 children and adults worldwide who will celebrate and pray for a better world.

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This movent was borns in the heart of God to pray together for our children.


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