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Data from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees “UNHCR” and the International Organization for Migration “IOM”, point out that 5.5 million Venezuelans qualify as refugees, migrants, asylum seekers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In some countries it is estimated that 30% of these people are boys, girls or adolescents; estimating -according to UNICEF, as of October 2019- that there were approximately 1.1 million Venezuelan children and adolescents in need.

By November 2020 this figure rises to 1.6 million children and adolescents.

In the midst of the pandemic, the return of some 200,000 Venezuelans to their country has been news, according to the balance offered by the questioned president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro. They are citizens who had left in the middle of the political and economic crisis, but who returned due to the impact of covid-19 on the economy of the countries where they were located. However, recently Migration from Colombia began to speak of a new wave of Venezuelan immigrants.

In an October 13 report, by Human Right watch, it was denounced that Venezuelans have faced abuse by their authorities in quarantine centres when returning to their country, highlighting that the conditions are overcrowded and unsanitary.

Labour and social reintegration of migrant families that have returned to the country as a result of the global crisis of the pandemic


  1. Train fathers, mothers or family leaders who have returned from migration due to the pandemic, in the planning, management and execution of investment projects in family micro-businesses.
  2. Provide the beneficiary families with concrete elements of logistics and administration for the planning, management and execution of their investment projects.
  3. Facilitate market practices to entrepreneurial families, guiding them in the first steps of the operation of their investment projects in execution.


  • Returning migrant families trained in the planning, management and execution of micro – investment projects.
  • Economic self-sustainability in families that migrated from Venezuela and returned due to the global crisis due to the pandemic.
  • New micro – family businesses.
  • A sustainable entrepreneurship work system replicable in other regions of Venezuela and other countries.

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