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Every girl and boy is too valuable, we have to act now!

Triggers of violence

The deprivations in fundamental areas for survival (adequate nutrition, access to public services, schooling or adequate housing) that mainly affect girls, boys and adolescentes.

We seek to sensitize and engage communities, faith-based organizations, children and adolescents in promoting environments free of violence. Local churches can come together to be a powerful force for change in our surroundings communities in the world to protect children and adolescents.

The cause of faith communities is justice. Because your God says so, and violence is not the purpose.

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Political will, Definition of the policy, Improvement and implementation plan, Protection committee and Code of conduct

Resilience, Resolution and conflict management, Assertive communication. Interpersonal relationships, Managing differences, Risk identification, complaint mechanisms Local, national and international laws that protect them and Third Protocol (UN)

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Local Committees, School, Family, Faith Communities, Protection Committees and others

We seek to raise awareness and involve communities of faith, organizations, children and adolescentes in promoting environments free of violence. Our protection strategy includes those who directly care for children – PROTECTS, children and adolescentes. –PROTECT OURSELVES and a community protection network. –PROTECTS.

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