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Since 2020 we have started a joint work with the National Service Network for Peruvian Children and Migrants RENACSENIPEM Viva. To start with a clear, concrete and functional approach to the real needs and problems according to the local context during 2020 and 2021, a series of desk and field investigations have been carried out.

According to Unicef ​​data from 2017 to 2021, three main areas of concern are observed above all:

1. Environments of violence in the school, family and community and thousands live in family abandonment.

2. Few services of protection, health, secondary education that are key for adolescent development.

3. Persistent injustices for reasons of gender, ethnicity, area of ​​residence, living conditions or different abilities.

According to figures from the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, Peru has 10,338,406 children and adolescents. They make up about a third of the total population.

Being a relatively large population and the most vulnerable, it is important to carry out projects that can put an end to the great problems that prevent them from offering them a healthy childhood. From this State portfolio three serious problems have been identified, among them are:


In 2018, the Women’s Emergency Center treated more than 22,000 cases of physical, sexual or psychological violence in girls up to 12 years old. To this must be added, the group of boys and girls who have witnessed some type of violence, whether at school, the street or, being the most tragic, within their homes.


The latest report presented by the INEI National Specialized Child Labor Survey identifies more than one million children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 17 who have worked at some point in their lives. Of these, more than 241 thousand adolescents have carried out work activities that exceed 50 hours per week, which is considered dangerous work.

Malnutrition and growth problems:

The Pan American Health Organization reported that 400,000 children and adolescents in Peru suffer from growth problems. This is due to various chronic diseases such as kidney, lung, and heart failure, endocrinological problems, and the lack of a good diet, especially in areas far from the capital.

Participatory and field diagnoses with the Churches and communities of influence of the network

Through surveys designed virtually, the following perceptions are displayed by the membership and other actors of the population of influence, which currently reflect the problems of childhood and adolescence, existing in communities of Lima, from the most vulnerable to those that are considered by the community as more comfortable districts.

It had a scope of 23 organizations represented in 3 departments of Peru (Lima, Cajamarca, Chiclayo) these represent 92% of the respondents, where 8% said they did not belong to any religious organization.

Based on the surveys carried out and the work in the field during two and a half years of network work, the following problems have been detected, verified and contributed to the solution.

There is no work to prevent violence and abuse towards children and adolescents in churches, schools, other community care organizations for children.

  • High need for school reinforcement for children and adolescents. Low-income parents cannot provide this for their children. 
  • The pandemic accentuated school learning deficits.
  • Migrant children, displaced children or children from very vulnerable areas such as human settlements, who experience different types of risk at the same time.
  • Basic needs not met by children and adolescents in highly vulnerable areas.


RENACSENIPEM Viva has a clear focus on working in favor of groups of children and adolescents and families in the most vulnerable places and situations, providing support in the areas of



📌 Attention to basic needs

Working closely with three human settlements in Lima and 2 shelters for families in a situation of migration. The human settlements where basic needs, protection and education actions are carried out are located in the San Gabriel Sector of Lima.

📌 Tarapaca Street

📌 Candelaria Settlement.

📌 Settlement May 1st

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