Viva Together for children operates a global network in 28 countries worldwide, providing life-changing protection and intentional spiritual care for vulnerable children.

Networks Working in Collective Action

Since Viva was founded more than 25 years ago, we have seen a massive increase in the response of Christian NGOs and the church to issues related to children.

Viva Together for Children argues that increasing the response is good but not enough. We need strategic change. That change requires many people to act together with a common purpose and goal.  Collective action is an essential ingredient.

"Working in networks creates a capability that caters better results with bigger and better effects."

Peter Plastrik & Madeleine Taylor, Net Gains

Work With Me

This type of collaboration must be able to propose a vision to bring people together, foster better quality, mobilize credible collective actions, deliver measurable results, and influence authorities and key decision people regarding childhood. Only in this way can we begin to address the tremendous social problems at the root of the mistreatment and abuse of children, preventing them from becoming everything God wants for them.