Participate in the Campaign of the Good Treatment 2023

Global Campaigns

The Global Weekend of Prayer campaign is a global initiative held during the first weekend of June each year, bringing together hundreds of thousands of adults and children worldwide.

It is organized by Viva, a Christian social good organization that inspires lasting change in children’s lives through the power of collective action in 38 community networks around the world. Viva provides the prayer guide, resources, and ideas of activities to develop, among others.

This year in Latin America and the Caribbean, 21 countries, including 6 Portuguese-speaking, joined in prayer for children, and more than 30,000 associated churches, more than 3 million people praying. More than 250 children and adolescents joined the prayer exchange between countries.

Last year thousands of people across the globe heard about how to improve treatment for children through the Good Treatment Campaign (GTC) run by Viva partner networks in each of their local communities. 

Children were trained to share the messages with their parents and other adults and even spoke on national radio programmes about the importance of children’s rights. Partnerships with local authorities, businesses and non-government organisations (NGOs) ensured the GTC was spread widely among countless adults and children – some of whom had never heard such vital messages. 

Last year the Good Treatment Campaign was run by 26 partner networks in 18 countries and of the 1,500 churches that took part globally at least 608 were non-member churches not already part of Viva partner networks. Furthermore, 14 networks engaged other organisations, including businesses, larger NGOs, and local authorities, in their GTC campaigns.