Participate in the Campaign of the Good Treatment 2023

Each of us is valuable in God’s eyes, so the most important is that every kid finds their purpose in life. We develop the program into 4 areas, and each has 3 parts: activity game, lesson, and finally, they had to create with different materials what they learn.

The whole program was based on to Josephs’s life and the discovery of the 4 gems: fire gem, air, earth, and water. Each of them represents our life, our connection with God, our family, friends and roots.

Fire Gem

The purpose of the day was for young people to discover their passion in life. Do not let themselves be carried away by the emotions they may experience in middle of the crisis. God must be your passion, your engine to live a long life.

Wind Gem

The purpose was to recognize if their life is being driven by what others think of them, if society and social media fill their minds with unnecessary noise, or if what God is saying about them is more important.

Earth Gem

The purpose was to find their identity in God, to recognize that their root is in Christ, and also the family.

Water Gem

The purpose was to be aware if their life is being filled with emotions and hurt by their family or friends. Remember that God is willing to fill your life with love. Christ is the source of life and if you are filled with Him you will have no more thirst.

Find your fire in LAC is a Christian volunteer service program for adolescents and young people looking for a purpose in life who want to positively impact the lives of children at risk in Latin America.

Implement FYF in your church and organization.