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Viva´s Key Works

Viva’s network model embodies leading-edge research on how effect lasting social change for vulnerable children and families.

Viva nurtures collaborative networks and helps them over time to develop the capacity and sophistication necessary for acting as instruments of “collective”.

Viva’s networks are genuinely grassroots. Viva focuses specifically on engaging local churches and grassroots ministries in its networks.

Viva’s model increases the scale of local efforts to serve vulnerable children and families.

Viva’s model improves the quality of service to children so that their needs are addressed holistically and effectively.

Participation in Viva Networks encourages attitude changes among pastors and Christian ministry leaders that lead to greater cross-sector collaboration and enthusiasm for policy advocacy.

Viva’s collective action projects have brought about positive transformation in children, families and the local communities where Viva networks are active.

The most mature Viva Networks have gained sufficient credibility and “voice” so as to influence public policy makers towards reforms that are needed to ensure that children are protected and provided opportunities for advancement.

Viva has built committed, action-oriented, local networks with staying power. The only enduring solution for the problems faced by poor children is for their own people, their own neighbors, their own localities and governments, to take responsibility.



Viva, an international NGO headquartered in Oxford, UK is implementing a sophisticated strategy for tackling the massive and complex facing vulnerable children worldwide. This strategy is leveraging the power of grassroots networks to multiply the scale and reach of services for these children; improve service quality; nurture changes in cultural attitudes that devalue children; and enhance influence on public policy reforms that can bring about changes to the underlying, systemic causes of persistent child poverty and abuse.