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When talking about the difficulties, children and families in El Salvador are talking about urgency.

Issues such as domestic violence, violence in society, and extreme poverty, added to the effects of the pandemic in this country, make the responses to be highly urgent at the national and international levels; in addition to that, an inter-institutional collective action must be sought and well-articulated to build solutions that improve the situation in the medium term, inspiring lasting changes through joint work, city by city in direct care and the promotion of good treatment and comprehensive protection for children and adolescents.

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A factor that, although not directly determined, exacerbates the vulnerability of children and adolescents to having their rights violated, is poverty.

According to the EHPM 2013, although the level of income poverty has decreased in recent years, it still affects 34.8% of households. But the most striking thing is the infantilization of poverty, since in households with only members over 18 years of age the incidence is 30%, while in households with members under 18 years of age the incidence is 43.7%.

Response to the emergency, relief to the most affected families during 2019 and that drag the effects during 2021 and 2022, through delivering food kits every three months to 500 families.


  1. Identify families considered most affected by the effect of the pandemic and natural disasters during 2020, based on established criteria, and deliver quarterly kits to 50 families in El Salvador.


  • Affected families identified and listed in the database.
  • An articulated and structured network for delivering food kits and hygiene products.
  • Families Receiving Relief from Urgent Basic Needs.
  • Communication materials that demonstrate the impact of the care delivered.


    • 500 families identified
    • 500 families who received the food kits and hygiene products in 3 different periods.
    • Agreements, joint work agreements in the delivery of the kits with the different organizations that are part of the network and allies
    • At least 3 audio-visual materials with testimonies from the beneficiary families.
    • At least 10 graphic materials on food delivery
    • 2 bulletins with summary key information about the project’s achievements.

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