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Red Viva Trey “Tesoros del Rey” ran 8 collective action programs. 4 were focussed on prevention, 3 on intervention and 1 on restoration.

Overall reach of network collective action:

    • 2350 Children
    • 3680 Adults 

Programs highlights include:

  • Christmas Parties
  • Community Child Protection Committees supported.
  • Parenting support (including parenting training, men’s groups, women’s groups, family mentoring).
  • Health education for covid-19.
  • Inclusive support for children with disabilities and special needs.
  • Physical aid (including food, health supplies).
  • Covid phone mentoring programme.
  • Psychosocial support/trauma counseling.



We are running The Learning Spaces Program in four provinces of the country. We are working with more than 60 children with 20 volunteer teachers.

The Cuban Network is facing many challenges and limitations to develop the activities due to the impact of the pandemic. For example: Limited internet access and communication, because it´s very expensive; for instance, the volunteers and the families have no access or they do not have the technology to develop activities “on line”, for that reason we do everything face to face.

Despite this, the work has not stopped and has made an effort to achieve the goals and achieve the well-being of children and adolescents.

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