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In Mexico, 43.6 percent of the total Mexican inhabitants live in poverty; according to the Measurement of Poverty in Mexico 2016, the situation of people in extreme poverty is equivalent to 7.6 percent of the total population.

Violence against children and adolescents leads to early death. In matters of family structure, the State with the highest divorce record is 37% (INEGI 2015), women head 36% of households, 85% of the population live in homes made up of families, and 15% are in non-family environments where the same house is shared and sustained with an ordinary expense.

From 2013-2016 it was estimated that two girls, boys, and adolescents were killed daily. Currently, every day in Mexico, three child and adolescent girls are killed, and 4 of them disappear daily in the national territory without a strong response from the Mexican State.

Violence against children includes physical and mental abuse, neglect, negligent treatment, exploitation, sexual abuse, organized crime recruitment, and homicide. Violence occurs anywhere, including at home, school, orphanages, residential care centers, on the street, in the workplace, in prisons and prisons, harms children’s physical and mental health, harms their ability to learn and socialize, and later affects their development as functional adults.

Prevention of abuse and violence

From 2017 to date, we have strengthened the relationship to improve and protect the lives of 2,150 children with direct care programs, we have equipped together 180 collaborators and volunteers from Churches and Organizations on issues of Prevention, Care, and Restoration to matters of violence and abuse, and it has been possible to establish a group of 11 people that make up the coordination team of the network, reaching through the theme of raising awareness in Protection, an average of 10,000 children through influence programs throughout the city.


Respond to situations of abandonment, violence, and abuse towards children with friendly environments from the network member organizations and the influence on their families and communities.


  1. Creation of safe and protective environments through a solid network rooted in Christian values that gives life to hope in the family and society.
  2. Create a child protection system through network members in 4 cities of the Federal District as a model to replicate.
  3. Formation of a solid network with the capacity to influence the socio-political environment at the local and national level for the best care of children and families in the four cities that promote Christian and protective values through collective action.


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