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What is a CAFI?

Community Center (CAFI)

The creation of a Community Center CAFI (CCC), which can mitigate the impact of the pandemic, from its initial stage to the medium term to provide long-term opportunities. This CCC is designed so that families who have been unemployed can meet the needs of children and adolescents and meet their needs at home at an early stage and in the short and medium term find a way to join the working market.


As a Network we contribute to the care of families affected by emergencies and their effects, with a comprehensive approach.


  1. Attention to basic needs: with the help of network members and other partners, obtain clothing, shoes, toys, school supplies and food to supply the CC.
  2. Resilience: emotional, psychological and spiritual restoration program for CC beneficiaries. (resilience, mental health, Mentoring, Families Matter program, protection program and good parenting practices).
  3. Education: School recovery. This centre will have educators available both online and in person (when permitted) to support the process of re-entry to the school system.
  4. Family and unemployment: Preparation for return to work (Courses for the development of other technical skills according to a local market survey, or strengthening skills already acquired, marketing techniques, how to sell online, interview techniques, etc.).
  5. Recreation and use of free time (recreational activities that foster in the beneficiaries the attitude of celebrating great and small achievements. Time for celebration and entertainment).
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Children and adolescents need to return to school strong and safe, recovering the necessary levels to stay in school and play again, and families with opportunities to meet their children’s basic needs.

Community Centers CAFI, Learning spaces with a future, is a development model that includes the most impacted by the pandemic five areas.

We can help you form your CAFI in the church, community, center, etc.