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Every hour 3 girls, boys and adolescents suffer abuse in Brazil, data from the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights. 80% of the time the abuses are committed inside the houses. 1 in 3 to 4 girls will be a victim of abuse, before reaching the age of 18, and 1 in 6 to 10 boys will also be a victim of abuse before the age of 18.

During 2019, the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights registered 86,837 complaints of violations of the rights of children and adolescents, a number 14 $ higher than the previous year. The specific cases of sexual violence registered during 2019 reached the figure of 17 thousand, 73% of the cases occurred at home, with parents and stepparents being the perpetrators 40% of the time.

The Viva Brazil Network has focused on working within the framework of the prevention of sexual violence in girls, boys and adolescents since 2018, in fact it was born with this mission, that of preventing and addressing situations of sexual violence working together with Churches, Schools, Colleges, Federal State Institutions and the State of Pará, with civil society organizations and community organizations.

That is why the Viva Brazil Protege Network proposes as a basis for inter-institutional work training in prevention, care and, above all, the construction of Institutional Protection Policies among the members and allies of the network.

Development of an intersectoral network specialized in the prevention and care of situations of sexual violence and other types of violence against girls, boys and adolescents


  1. Develop a Comprehensive Protection Network for children and adolescents, taking into account key actors in society such as Churches, Schools, Colleges, Civil Society Organizations, Community Organizations and public social, judicial and legal institutions.


  • Child Protection Network with local and state key stakeholders.
  • City of Belen and State of Pará articulated for the prevention and care of cases of sexual violence and other types of violence.
  • Network trained in the work of social change in favour of children and adolescents, through collective action.
  • Trained Network in organizational sustainability and collective action.

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