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At the national level, in Argentina, we can see that Argentines occupy a third place among the countries that spend the most time on Social Networks, according to information presented by comScore Date Mine. In this study, with 8.4 hours a day, Argentina is only behind Israel with 10.7 hours a day, followed by Russia with a total of 10.3.

According to a survey by DigiPadres, of children and adolescents in Buenos Aires about the risks and situations they face online, 60% received a contact request from strangers, and 1 in 3 claimed to have experienced an uncomfortable position on the web. 

Training in Literacy and digital citizenship for adults, within the framework of the protection of children and adolescents from online dangers and positive use of the internet


  • Train leaders with influence in churches in training parents and adolescents for online protection.
  • Promote the scope of these training through the replication modality, reaching more Churches, schools, community centers, organizations, ministries, etc.


  • Online, live course to train trainers
  • Churches and leadership of Christian organizations replicating the online protection program
  • Permanent online course platform based on all this experience

Responsible digital citizenship training for adolescents


  1. Develop positive leadership capacity among peers, through empowerment on the subject of girls, boys and adolescents.
  2. Develop an online protection campaign where girls, boys and adolescents are the main protagonists.


  1. Training of adolescents with positive leadership among peers for online risk prevention.
  2. Online protection campaign with girls, boys and adolescents as protagonists.
  3. Physical platform of representation and leadership of girls, boys and adolescents as online protection agents among peers.
  4. Platform for periodic online courses on the subject adapted to be taken by children and adolescents.

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