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Viva is an international christian non-profit organization that helps children at risk have a quality education in safe environments

14 Countries

Viva’s scope in Latin America extends to 15 countries, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.

1899 Churches

Our main partners are communities of faith with the vision to contribute to making the world of children a better place to live.

1.2 Million children

Our goal is impact for 2022- 2025 more than 3 million children with our programs

Our Values

Our values are the engine that moves our work and drives us to seek excellence and transparency.


An essential value that leads us to carry out projects with transparency.  Working with internal process of honesty and we transmit to our networks in all countries in LatinAmerica.


We promote programs that promote dignity among children and adolescents and their relationships in the community, restoring respect for their identity, equal opportunities, and respect for differences and their rights.


We work hard to change the vulnerable condition of children and adolescents in the region, to give them back what is their due, make their voices heard and seek their good and the common good.

Girls have a voice, vote, and individuality

Currently, in many Latin American countries, many girls do not have access to formal education, which limits their opportunities for comprehensive development; we at Viva give this strengthening from the change of mentality in each family with the values ​​of justice, integrity, and dignity.


Inspire local churches and organizations to work together and support each other with a shared vision for children.



Capacity building of churches and organizations through peer training, coaching, and learning to increase the sustainability and quality of child care.

Mobilize churches and organizations to work together to design and implement joint programs that meet the needs of children on a deeper level than any organization could achieve on its own.



Address negative attitudes and behaviors toward children, and engage with decision-makers to improve protection and opportunities for vulnerable children across the city.



is a right of every child and adolescent. We must work so that they can join school feeling safe, capable and strong.


Teenagers need to recover from the impact of the pandemic and regain their purpose and control of their environment.


our protection strategy seeks that children and adolescents grow up safe, secure and growing up in friendly environments that allow them to develop confidence in themselves, their peers and their community.

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