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Together we make safeguarding and Children´s continuous learning a lifestyle.

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The World Weekend of Prayer 2023

Viva Latin America invites you to participate with thousands of people worldwide in this blessing event where kids pray for kids and our planet.

Will bring thousands of adults and children together worldwide. JOIN US!

The World Weekend of Prayer campaign (WWP2023) will take place on the first weekend of June from 03 -04 June 2023.

Powered by Viva, we want to inspire lasting change in children’s lives through the power of collective action in Latin America and Caribbean communities networks. Viva provides the prayer guide, resources, and ideas for activities to develop, among others.

In 2022, over 800,000 children and adults in 25 countries participated in the World Weekend of Prayer and more than 2 Million people were reached with our materials.

We are changing the life of thousands of children and adolescents in the region and recovering the right to quality education in safe environments. Join us, and let’s make a difference together

The CAFI is a local development model and responds to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the lives of children in the region. It comprises five components: 1. Basic needs – impact on employment, provision; 2. Non-formal education – effect of social confinement, school backwardness. 3. Resilience – need to develop skills to overcome adversity; 4. Use of free time and recreation – the impact of the pandemic on fun and rest. Children need to recover the opportunity to play again; and. 5. Family – the effect of the pandemic on family relationships and safe homes for children.


Red Viva Paraguay is committed to promoting and facilitating safe environments for children and adolescents, which allow them to grow up with quality education and in protective environments.
Currently, it works in collective action with 39 local partners, organizations and faith communities; benefiting 19,213 children with the support of 1,214 volunteers and staff.





 FYF- Find your fire is a program for adolescents and young people and seeks to facilitate spaces for reflection and action and find their purpose in life. This program is based on playful methodologies and is a journey through their identity and skills that make them unique and valuable. It empowers their gifts and helps them see a purposeful future serving the most vulnerable children.



Latin America

The latest updates from VIVA

Grace Presbyterian Church is located in Chicago and is a Christian fellowship that gathered about 600 people. At the beginning of this year, they sent to Costa Rica one of the pastors: Joe Shelly. He went …

Across all networks in San Jose celebrated the Christmas Parties 2021 where more than 2000 vulnerable children received Jesus love through gifts, food, and a great time with our volunteers.

Viva and CMC – Church Mission Society accompany the Anglican church in the region, starting the certification process in Peru. More than 100 people, including leaders and priests, begin the international certification process …


The Global Weekend of Prayer campaign is a global initiative held during the first weekend of June each year, bringing together hundreds of thousands of adults and children worldwide.  

Logo Campaña del buen trato

Each year thousands of people across the globe heard about how to improve treatment for children through the Good Treatment Campaign (GTC) run by Viva partner networks in each of their local communities. Join us in our campaign.

The Christmas parties are an opportunity to strengthen the ties and identity of the network, but at the same time, it is a moment to transmit the love of God through the attention, care and joy of the church towards children.

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